Spring Cleaning

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When Does a Cleaning Service Start Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is an annual in-depth cleaning which normally is done when spring comes. Spring cleaning is more common in places that suffer from harsh winters. During a spring clean, a home is cleaned from top to bottom, and items that are used in winter time will be cleaned and put into storage.

Most homeowners put aside many days in the spring to perform spring cleaning, or hire a professional cleaning service to assist them. People also refer to spring cleaning generically, as a way to speak about any deep cleaning, even if it is not spring.

The origins of this tradition remain unclear although there are some theories. More than likely, spring cleaning came about as a natural response to things such as thick heavy blankets and other winter items, and cleaning can also be difficult in the winter, due to the fact the cold weather makes it much harder, if not impossible, to air a house out, and wet and freezing weather conditions lead to a build-up of salt, mud, and other debris on the floors around the house.

In a standard spring cleaning, a house will be systematically cleaned from room to room, with each one getting emptied so it and all of its items can be cleaned. In a bedroom, for instance, the furniture is removed to allow more access to floors, beneath beds, dressers, wardrobes etc., and the furniture could be dismantled and wiped down to get rid of any dirt and dust before getting replaced. A mattress is flipped and rotated while such things as winter garments and bedclothes are removed and cleaned to make ready for storage. The windows will be opened to allow fresh air into a room.

In kitchens, all the cupboards will be emptied, and their contents cleaned; the interior of the cupboards will also be cleaned, ready for the contents to be replaced.

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