oil stain on concrete

Fed up with the Oil Stains Marring Your Property

A Cleaning Service’s Tips on Removing Oil Stains Around the House

Some of the best tips for cleaning oil spills up will greatly depend on where the spills happens. Most happen on concrete, for example, in basements after a furnace has leaked, or in a garage, when oil comes out of a car; however, some may happen on carpets. Cleaning oil spills up on concrete can sometimes be accomplished by using some form of absorbent material, followed up using warm soap or detergent. Cleaning oil spills which happen on carpets can be a bit more tricky and must be soaked up immediately using paper towels, and then treated using rubbing alcohol. Every oil spill must be seen to as soon as they happen, due to the fact that allowing them to sit on a surface for days may mean the difference between getting them out and them never coming out.

As soon as an oil spill happens on concrete, it needs be soaked up using an absorbent material, like cat litter, salt or flour. These could have to be left for a few hours before most of the oil can be soaked up. After removing this substance, the remaining stain beneath needs to be cleaned. In most cases, some kind of detergent or soap can be used on the stain along with warm water, and then left to sit for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Once the right amount of time has passed, a paper towel or rag can be used to blot up the remaining oil and detergent.

Cleaning oil spills on carpet is much more difficult than cleaning it off of concrete, as the oil normally seeps deep down within the carpet fibres. As soon as oil gets on carpets, the oil must be soaked up using a paper towel or old cloth before the bulk of it is allowed to sink deep into the carpet. It is vital to blot, NOT rub the carpet, because rubbing will only spread the stain, in addition to pushing it further down into the carpet. If you are unsure what to do next, speak to a professional cleaning service for help and advice.

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