Are Your Doorknobs and Switch Plates Starting to Look Tarnished?

When to Use Alcohol When House Cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol, also referred to as rubbing alcohol, has much going for it. In addition to being used to refresh muscles, it can also be used as a cheap house cleaning product. Should you not be familiar with this we, at The Cleaning Fairy, have listed below some ideas which you can use this product on.

One of the easiest ways to work with rubbing alcohol is to use freshen up the likes of doorknobs, switch plates, and telephones. Simply soak a clean dry cloth with rubbing alcohol, you can quickly remove any oily deposits and dust from these items. Not only will it get rid of grime and dirt, it also acts like a disinfectant, thus removing germs from surfaces also.

Cleaning ones bathroom using this will remove stubborn stains around the tub drain, in addition to the toilet bowl, simply spray the rubbing alcohol on and allow it to seep into the area. Then use a scrubbing brush to finish the job. In addition to the bathtub and toilet bowl, you can also spray rubbing alcohol on tiles, this will help to minimize build-up on tile grouting. Make sure the bathroom is well-ventilated before starting to clean using rubbing alcohol.

House cleaning tips which involve rubbing alcohol can include freshening up patio furniture also, metal or resin tables and chairs can be disinfected and given a like new finish using this simple and inexpensive product. Using rubbing alcohol when cleaning cuts through grime which builds up on exterior furniture during winter and also makes it possible to refresh furniture quickly before throwing an outdoor event.

Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean candles. Dust had a tendency to collect on candles with ease. Candle cleaning using rubbing alcohol is an excellent way to quickly remove dust. Plus, it is less likely to cause any damage to the wick than water will. Ensure to allow the alcohol to dry first before lighting it.

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